Motives for Mustering Men

Men of the South_t, ed. 1I really can’t remember the last time I attended a true conference. You know, the kind of gathering where people actually confer, which my dictionary defines as “having discussions” or “exchanging opinions.”

Instead, most conferences feature a series of speakers who address a common theme.

Nothing wrong with that. I’ve greatly enjoyed and been helped by those in the past.

And now I’m hosting one.

Well, co-hosting one with a pastor friend and his church.

We’re calling it a “conference.” It is the 2014 Men of the South men’s conference. In reality, it will be a series of sessions that will feature messages from the Bible, as well as God-centered, uplifting times of musical worship.

Oh, but how I’d love to start a real conference!

I’m praying and working to see that Men of the South receives the Holy Spirit’s blessing to accomplish this. I want to see men confer!

I want to hear men discuss the glories of God.

I want to see men sharing the Gospel of Christ.

I want to know that men are learning how to walk together in the Holy Spirit.

I want to find that men are exchanging the truths of Scripture with one another.

I want to affirm the testimonies of men giving glory to God for the grace he’s revealed in their lives.

I want to discover men living closer to the Lord because of one another’s encouragement.

I want to listen to wives extol the godly leadership of their husbands instead of bemoan their spiritual abeyance.

I want to allow my children to spend time with friends, who are being raised and taught and loved by godly fathers.

I want to welcome confessions and repentant prayers from men pursuing purity in their war against pornography.

I want to rejoice with men who are discipling the new converts they’ve led to the Lord at work or on their street.

I want to sweat alongside men who take missions trips to build church facilities or run sports outreach programs or canvass neighborhoods for new church plants.

I want to wear out my knees and fray my vocal cords praying and singing in worship to the Triune God in a company of men like this.

I want to witness men from different local churches, ethnicities, and backgrounds join in their common faith – under the truth of the Gospel, the supremacy of Christ, and the authority of the Scriptures – to build up the health and unity of the Body of Christ.

I want to join a multitude of men to receive the ministry of God’s Word and an outpouring of his Spirit.

Next weekend, I want to join men of the south as we seek to become men of God.

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