Keeping the Main Thing (on the Silence of the Blog)

4546017269_ddac803025_bAccording to the experts, strange things happen when we fall in love.

We can’t eat, can’t sleep, and sometimes can’t even breathe. And we’re OK with that.

Our basic needs surrender to the overwhelming power of desire.

Things we used to worry about, argue about, plan for, and look forward to don’t merit a second thought, while that one person invades even the most mundane moments. We miss turns, misplace things, and zone out in the middle of important conversations.

It’s terrible.

It’s wonderful, too.

It explains why my last blog post was November 26, 2014.

You could say I’ve fallen in love…but that would sound kind of dumb.

I’d say that the Lord has renewed my passion for him and his work in a very special way, and everything else is fighting for second place!

Since my first post in March 2013, my fingers have poured out words I hoped would bless, teach, or (sometimes) provoke. Together, we’ve shared the produce of my Bible study, addressed local ministry issues, and even entered the fray with the gently-warring factions of various Christian tribes. I’ve seen this blog as a place to ask questions, examine assumptions, and voice concerns.

But recently, I feel like I’ve got nothing to say.

More correctly, I just don’t care to say it.

I don’t care because I care more about something else. I feel like I’ve lost my voice because I only want to talk about one thing

It’s terrible, and it’s wonderful.

Because all I care about is planting a church in Seattle.

Wait. That’s not entirely true. I care about – I love!Central Baptist Church, where I still pastor. I care about Sweet Water High School and our upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz, and Thomasville High School and our upcoming production of Seussical. I care about my friends and my family.

But I keep coming back to Seattle and the church God has called us to plant there. I fall asleep at night thinking about it; when I wake up it’s on my mind. It’s constantly in my thoughts, prayers, plans, and conversations.

It’s intoxicating.

It’s distracting.

It’s terrible and wonderful.

It has occupied my spare time and a lot of my scheduled time ever since we got the green light from NAMB. We’ve visited and studied the location we believe God intends for us (Tacoma’s North End). We’ve worked with a videographer to create an introduction; we’ve worked with printers to create promotional materials; we’ve worked with our fellow planters to craft our approach; we’ve worked with web designers to create our new website; we’ve called and cajoled and contacted pastors and churches to discuss partnering with us in this new ministry adventure. We’ve installed hardwood floors in our home to prepare it for sale (it sold!).

All this and more means that I’ve neglected this blog.

Not because it isn’t important, but because God has filled my life with something that surpasses it.

I don’t think I’m done. I’ve got more to say. But just like with any new relationship, it’s going to have to find its place.

So, watch this space for more of what you’ve come to expect, which is (I hope) well-written, thought-provoking pieces on matters of Christian faith and practice. Don’t be surprised if you hear a bit about Seattle, Tacoma, and church planting. And if a week or two goes by in silence, you can always check out and find out what’s been going on.

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1 Response to Keeping the Main Thing (on the Silence of the Blog)

  1. luminouszest says:

    stay Christian!!! the lord is with us:)

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