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The Anti-Gospel

I have stumbled across a pair of wonderful apps. They’re wonderful because, well, you see…I have a problem. I love myself too much. Yes, you read that right. I am an idolater. I have an entire set of apps (mobile) … Continue reading

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Postpartum: Why We Feel This Way…

They tell me I was inconsolable for hours. Which may be a bit much. It was only a bit part. I was Ebenezer Scrooge as a child. Yes, that is part of A Christmas Carol, but only a very small … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Doppelgänger

Imagine the perfect marriage partner. If that’s too difficult, imagine your spouse, and then fix all the things you don’t like. This imaginary person will likely be younger, healthier, and more amply proportioned. They might be smarter, funnier, or just … Continue reading

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All Dogs Go to Heaven

Friday morning, I had never performed a funeral for a dog. Now I have. With my tearful little ones gathered around their mother, we remembered together all the smiles and laughter Kimi gave us. And then we thanked Jesus for … Continue reading

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Thank You, My Dear Enemy

Dear Enemy, I’m writing to thank you for your evil words the other day. I know you didn’t mean to, but you have done me so much good! I have been cursed before (who hasn’t?), but this might be the … Continue reading

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Enough Forests! We Need More Trees!

Last week, I enjoyed (hijacked?) the discussion that followed a friend’s Facebook post. My friend is a pastor, who often asks open-ended questions in public to help him prepare for his various sermon series. (Not that he doesn’t already have … Continue reading

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She Suggested I Stop…for a While

I hate Facebook. I really do. But I need it. “He loves and hates the Ring, as he loves and hates himself.” OK, so I’m not ready to start calling it “My Precious,” but Facebook has begun to gnaw at … Continue reading

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