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Give Thomas a Break!

I mean it. Let’s cut the poor guy some slack. At least until we take a look in the mirror. After all, this man, who has been known as “Doubting Thomas” for hundreds of years, was the very person who … Continue reading

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What – Exactly – Is God Going to Do?

Imagine knowing what God was going to do next. Now imagine knowing exactly what God wanted you to do next. Then combine these two, and what would you have? You’d have an unstoppable you! Just think about that for a … Continue reading

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Three Questions About God’s Foreknowledge

We humans love to predict the future. Or listen to someone who can. Sometimes it’s just a novel curiosity like breaking open a fortune cookie; sometimes it’s more serious like reading a horoscope or visiting Madame Palm Reader. Sometimes we … Continue reading

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Postpartum: Why We Feel This Way…

They tell me I was inconsolable for hours. Which may be a bit much. It was only a bit part. I was Ebenezer Scrooge as a child. Yes, that is part of A Christmas Carol, but only a very small … Continue reading

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Two Questions On Free Will

Of all the basic presuppositions of our age, one of the greatest must be the assumption that human beings have free will. Christian apologists use it to help explain the problem of evil in a world created by a loving, … Continue reading

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