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For the love of all that’s holy, guys…

…preach the Bible! Is it that hard? (Warning: rant ahead) I speak as one of you. I speak as one who listens to you. I speak as one with family who have to listen to you. When God lets you speak … Continue reading

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What – Exactly – Is God Going to Do?

Imagine knowing what God was going to do next. Now imagine knowing exactly what God wanted you to do next. Then combine these two, and what would you have? You’d have an unstoppable you! Just think about that for a … Continue reading

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I Offended You. I’m Sorry. (pt. 1)

I’ve not always suspected people who say that they are “offended” by something. I’ve only suspected them since the time I once told a friend he had “offended” me and he abruptly corrected me by quoting Psalm 119:165, which says … Continue reading

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