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Jesus may love you, but we sure don’t…

I’m sorry. I was eavesdropping on a conversation at Starbucks. Two men were talking behind my back, one much louder than the other. As Loud Man trespassed my sonic space box, I heard him say, “I lit him up!” Tell … Continue reading

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So You’re Done with Church…

What is church? Who knows anymore? We all know it’s not a building, it’s people (even if we refer to some buildings as “churches” in our colloquial shorthand). But whatever else church is, one thing’s clear: plenty of people are done with … Continue reading

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Dead Preachers Society

Monday, August 12, 2014, many in the United States and around the world mourned the passing of Robin Williams. As with most entertainers, we knew relatively little about him as a man; we were far more familiar with his many … Continue reading

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Camping With Fundamentalists

A couple of weeks ago, a blog post by Jeff Amsbaugh created some excitement among many of my friends, and for good reason. He titled it “Keeping Young Fundamentalists In The Camp,” and he proceeded to identify and criticize many … Continue reading

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Engage the South #engage13

Dear Church Family and Friends, Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the “Engage the South-” conference for Pastors and Church Planters. This was held in Birmingham, AL, and so it meant a very long day (left the house at … Continue reading

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You Might Need to Get Saved…Again

Ben Schettler, a friend of mine, is doing some tremendous work with parents, youth pastors, and their teens.  In addition to his preaching and writing ministry, he has developed a strategy – called “The Continue Challenge” – that helps students … Continue reading

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When In Rome…I Got a Letter

Roughly 1,957 years ago, a man sent a letter to a group of people he had not met in a city he had never visited.  The man’s name was Paul, the city’s Rome, and the letter would become, perhaps, the … Continue reading

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