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The Myth of “the Average Church”

“Ewww. This is nasty! Try some!” We all have that one friend, don’t we? And if we also have a smidge of morbid curiosity, we’ve joined them in one too many misadventures. It’s kind of funny when we’re visiting an ethnic … Continue reading

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How Do You Preach Your Last Sermon? (A Post for Non-Preachers)

This coming Sunday I will preach for the last time as Pastor of Central Baptist Church in Dixon’s Mills, Alabama. And I’m not exactly sure what I will say. For the last nine years and three months I have preached … Continue reading

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So You’re Done with Church…

What is church? Who knows anymore? We all know it’s not a building, it’s people (even if we refer to some buildings as “churches” in our colloquial shorthand). But whatever else church is, one thing’s clear: plenty of people are done with … Continue reading

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How to Replace Your Pastor

“Every pastor is an interim pastor.” That is, a pastor can only lead during that brief span of time before his ministry ends and his successor’s begins. So say William Vanderbloemen and Warren Bird in their new book, Next: Pastoral … Continue reading

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Who’s Good Enough to Teach You?

Did you know that John the Baptist didn’t want to baptize Jesus? He didn’t. The Scriptures say that when John saw Jesus coming to the river, he tried to stop him. Repeatedly. (Matthew 3:14) Of course, Jesus told him to … Continue reading

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The 4th of July and America’s Bible Verse

To my readers in other countries, this post is for all of us, but it has a particularly American flair for reasons that I hope will be made clear. Most Americans probably have no idea what the rest of the … Continue reading

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Three Questions About God’s Foreknowledge

We humans love to predict the future. Or listen to someone who can. Sometimes it’s just a novel curiosity like breaking open a fortune cookie; sometimes it’s more serious like reading a horoscope or visiting Madame Palm Reader. Sometimes we … Continue reading

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