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For the love of all that’s holy, guys…

…preach the Bible! Is it that hard? (Warning: rant ahead) I speak as one of you. I speak as one who listens to you. I speak as one with family who have to listen to you. When God lets you speak … Continue reading

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How Do You Preach Your Last Sermon? (A Post for Non-Preachers)

This coming Sunday I will preach for the last time as Pastor of Central Baptist Church in Dixon’s Mills, Alabama. And I’m not exactly sure what I will say. For the last nine years and three months I have preached … Continue reading

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How to Tell if the Preacher Really Trusts God

Two words: Behavior Modification When you sit in a Christian church and listen to the words coming from the pulpit, do you get the feeling that someone wants you to be something you’re not? Or to start doing something you’re … Continue reading

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Who’s Good Enough to Teach You?

Did you know that John the Baptist didn’t want to baptize Jesus? He didn’t. The Scriptures say that when John saw Jesus coming to the river, he tried to stop him. Repeatedly. (Matthew 3:14) Of course, Jesus told him to … Continue reading

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5 Lessons In Missions

Imagine sipping a cup of sweet, strong coffee while gazing across the breezy, balmy mountains of Central America. Two weeks ago, that was my wife and I, and some of our missionary friends in Honduras. It was just as delightfully … Continue reading

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Enough Forests! We Need More Trees!

Last week, I enjoyed (hijacked?) the discussion that followed a friend’s Facebook post. My friend is a pastor, who often asks open-ended questions in public to help him prepare for his various sermon series. (Not that he doesn’t already have … Continue reading

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Dear Younger Preacher Me…

Dear Younger Preacher Me, Remember this word: boldly. You’ve heard it; you’ve thought it; you’ve been taught it. You must preach the Word boldly. This is a good thing. It’s good because it’s biblical. In Acts 4, the early church … Continue reading

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