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Can we please show a little more emotion?

How I wish Christian worship were more emotional! Maybe I should wish that Christians showed more emotion when they worshiped. Or maybe, if we prefer authenticity, I should wish that Christians experienced more emotion when they worshiped. I wish this. … Continue reading

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Praying Psalm 2

The Prayer Father, all the powers of this world have joined forces against you and your Son, and I must choose whom I will serve. Their power is impressive, and they care nothing for you. No, that’s not it; they … Continue reading

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Praying Psalm 1

The Prayer: Father, I am standing at a great crossroads, and many paths lie before me. This one is most inviting, and I know a lot of people who think I should choose it. That one has a lot of … Continue reading

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Comparatively Thankful

Thanksgiving Day means so many different things for all of us. It’s footballing, hunting, eating, gathering, relaxing, decorating, cooking, cleaning, traveling, shopping, and dozens more. But at some point during this day, all thoughtful people pause and say something like, … Continue reading

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Casting the Right Burdens

Of all the invitations given in the Bible, perhaps one of the most comforting is found in Psalm 55:22, which urges us to “Cast your burdens upon the Lord, and he will sustain you.” But the amount of comfort we … Continue reading

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