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For the love of all that’s holy, guys…

…preach the Bible! Is it that hard? (Warning: rant ahead) I speak as one of you. I speak as one who listens to you. I speak as one with family who have to listen to you. When God lets you speak … Continue reading

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Dear Worship Leader: Some Thoughts from the Congregation

Hey, Worship Leader, I’m on your side. When God’s people worship him together, the enemy trembles, and you get to be on point. I really want you to do well. But I’ve been visiting a lot of different churches lately, … Continue reading

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Hooray for the Sunday Morning Widows!

You may not have noticed them before, but every week they’re there. Faithfully serving. Humbly worshipping. Silently crying. Desperately praying. They are the Sunday Morning Widows. A member of our church introduced me to the term some years ago as … Continue reading

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How Big Is Your God?

Dear Church Family and Friends, You may have noticed that most of the Sunday morning sermons this year have been from Isaiah. As I mentioned when we first started, Isaiah contains many phrases, verses, and prophecies with which we are … Continue reading

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This Morning at $ General

OK, I’ll admit it: I was tired. It’s performance week for The Music Man, and rehearsals have been getting us home late. That, on top of our regular schedule, means that it’s been a little tough to get to the … Continue reading

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Sunday Worship and the Dixie Stampede

What do your church and Dixie Stampede have to do with one another? Apart from good food, I hope your answer is, “Not much.” Now, I’m not mad at Dixie Stampede, or Dolly Parton for that matter. In fact, the … Continue reading

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One Hour Is Long Enough

How long should pastors preach?  I’m sure there are many answers you could give to this question.  But how long do pastors preach?  That’s a question more easily answered.  Recently, Thom Rainer conducted an informal Twitter poll and blogged about his … Continue reading

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