Why “Blueprints?”

Isn’t the first post of any blog supposed to tell the reader that the blogger has “finally” gotten around to blogging and promises to keep up with regular posts, unlike a host of other people who stop after 3 posts (the third coming about 9 months after the first)?  And isn’t that first post supposed to give a modest-yet-ambitious forecast of posts to come?  Well, scrap that!  I think I’ll just explain the meaning of the blog’s title and leave it at that.  I might not even announce this blog to anyone until I’ve got three posts in the bag!  So, why “Blueprints?”

First, I suppose I should admit it’s just a play on my last name.  Only a play.  A real set of blueprints would probably set my heart to racing – in the anxiety-attack-sort of way, not in the oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-wait-to-get-started sort of way.  However proud I am of my family history, I am a Carpenter in name only, a CINO.  My father-in-law is the real carpenter, but his name’s Wieland, and no one on that side seems to be very interested in what that might mean.  (I think it was the name of a German novel at some point.)  I’d sooner follow his instructions than look at blueprints.

On the other hand, my Heavenly Father has given me a passion for building something else, and in that context, I find the blueprints simply delightful.  As a pastor in a church, I have been given the privilege of working with God in a hands-on way as he builds his church.  My blueprints are the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.  And that is my purpose for this blog.  I hope to take the truth of Scripture and help nail it on to life.  As a pastor, teacher, counselor, coach, husband, and father, I am always given opportunity to serve others by applying truth, and this is an outflow of that.

Most specifically, I’m seeking the health of the church, God’s people  The byline for this blog site is “Built together as a dwelling place for God.”  That’s not hubris; it’s reality.  It’s also a quote from Ephesians 2.22.  (Sort of)  In this text, God unveils some of the marvelous privileges of being a Christian, and one of those glories is being joined with Christ.  And of course, being joined with Christ means being joined with all others who are joined with Christ.  We find that expressed best in the local church, i.e. a church that can be found in a location. It’s a beautiful truth that has only begun to take on clarity as I’ve spent more time in pastoral ministry, especially in the South Eastern United States, where the cultural divides still run deep.

What’s more is how Ephesians portrays my role as pastor.  I’m supposed to be one who equips God’s people to do the “work of the ministry.”  But that work is simply the task of Christians building one another up by “speaking truth in love.”  Where do they learn the truth?  How can they learn to apply it to one another?  How does the church grow to resemble Christ more and more?

By seeking the glory of God, through faith in the Son of God, in the power of the Spirit of God, according to the Word of God, the Bible.  In short, by following the blueprints.

-Aaron Carpenter

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