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For the love of all that’s holy, guys…

…preach the Bible! Is it that hard? (Warning: rant ahead) I speak as one of you. I speak as one who listens to you. I speak as one with family who have to listen to you. When God lets you speak … Continue reading

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Give Thomas a Break!

I mean it. Let’s cut the poor guy some slack. At least until we take a look in the mirror. After all, this man, who has been known as “Doubting Thomas” for hundreds of years, was the very person who … Continue reading

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What – Exactly – Is God Going to Do?

Imagine knowing what God was going to do next. Now imagine knowing exactly what God wanted you to do next. Then combine these two, and what would you have? You’d have an unstoppable you! Just think about that for a … Continue reading

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Does God Care About Ninevite Kids?

So, there was this pastor in Tennessee who was going through his mail on a Monday morning. Preachers always get a lot of ministry junk mail in addition to the normal kind everyone else gets. New curricula, new seminars, new … Continue reading

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How to Tell if the Preacher Really Trusts God

Two words: Behavior Modification When you sit in a Christian church and listen to the words coming from the pulpit, do you get the feeling that someone wants you to be something you’re not? Or to start doing something you’re … Continue reading

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The First Time We Saw Him: Awakening to the Wonder of Jesus

I really needed this one because familiarity really can breed contempt. Not that I would ever grow contemptuous of Jesus, but I’ve been reading and hearing the Gospel stories since I before I can remember. It’s too easy to let … Continue reading

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The 4th of July and America’s Bible Verse

To my readers in other countries, this post is for all of us, but it has a particularly American flair for reasons that I hope will be made clear. Most Americans probably have no idea what the rest of the … Continue reading

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